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Welcome to the Annals of Genealogical Research

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The Annals of Genealogical Research is an open access journal for genealogy and family history. Our aim is to provide a simple, free, and effective way to publish research results and corrections, and to make those results easy for others to find, use, and cite.

Many articles published here are narrowly-focused on a specific subject (such as a particular family), but some articles may be of wider interest to genealogists. An article is most likely to be found and accessed through a citation, external web link, or internet search engine.

The articles published here remain under copyright by their respective authors. By publishing their work here, they have agreed that it can be copied, but only with proper attribution (citation), and only for noncommercial purposes. We should thank the authors for sharing their research.

Have you ever encountered mistaken statements about one of your family lines?   Have you thought "Someone should straighten that out!"?   We encourage you to do just that—write down your sources and reasoning on the point and publish it, which you can do here.

We are open for new articles should you care to contribute; please do not be misled by the date of the most recent article.

This page was last updated on May 14, 2020

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