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A utility program is available for computers running Windows which can add a source citation and references to a GEDCOM file.

The program is set up for a source citation to an article published in the Annals. It will add source references to the entries for all individuals in the GEDCOM file. This is done because a GEDCOM file published in the Annals is expected to contain only data on individuals described in the accompanying article, and therefore all data in the file should cite that article.

You need a computer with Microsoft Windows to run the program, and a way to extract the files from a "ZIP" package. If you have Windows XP, the ZIP capability is built in; you can drag the files out from inside the compressed (zip) folder. Earlier Windows versions may require use of an "unzip" utility to get the files out.

There are several files in the ZIP package. Besides the program itself, called "AddSource.exe", there is a file of instructions for use called "ReadMe.txt" which should be consulted first.

The ZIP package is available here:

Clicking on the above link will normally bring up a dialog box from which you can save the ZIP package onto your computer. An alternative is to click on it with the right mouse button and select "Save Target as..." or "Save Link as...".

If you need assistance, you can email support at

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