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Authors may find a file given below helpful in formatting an article. The files provide a start on citation, copyright, and contact information formatting, and have acceptable margin settings for 8½ x 11 paper.

The use of any of these is entirely optional. They are provided only as a possible convenience.

The three files below were generated with Microsoft Word 97 and 2.4, but many different word processors should be able to read the "RTF" (Rich Text Format or Interchange Format) version. The content of the three is essentially the same; only the file format differs.

AGR_Empty_Article.rtf (8 KB) - Rich Text Format (Interchange Format)

AGR_Empty_Article.doc (19 KB) - Microsoft Word 97 document

AGR_Empty_Article.odt (21 KB) - OpenOffice document

Clicking on a link above will normally bring up a dialog box from which you can save the file onto your computer. An alternative is to click on it with the right mouse button and select "Save Target as..." or "Save Link as...".

If you need assistance, you can email support at

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